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JULY 2008

Clouds loom over Gotham City on a cold morning, lit by the promise of a new day.
Big sky. Welcoming.
With Mom & DadH visiting, we have a picnic down by Spanish Banks beach. We play frisbee on the wet sand and then watch the sunset. The sun falls in a blaze of golden glory and then the blues and pinks emerge from hiding and ooze across the sky in syruppy navies...we cannot take our eyes off of it!
With Mom & DadH, we visit Vancouver Island. We visit the outdoor Totem Pole park near the Rock Pile and snap photos. // On the sea side of Victoria near Dallas Road beach, we espy some wild kite surfers or kite boarders who use large kite/sails to blast around the waves and get massive air as they jump, spin, and turn. WOW.



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