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MARCH 2008


Its a beautiful Saturday! T starts the day at 5:30am, though, with a special trip. A Sloan-Foundation-funded photographer, two high-definition-format videographers, MMP, and T head below ground at the lab before 7am to tour the cyclotron on nearly the last day of the maintenance shut down. Its a real treat and GR escorts us in perfect form; there is some residual radiation levels in the interior of the machine, 5 storeys below ground and buried under metres of concrete. E has the camera, so Y just records photos in his memory. Most of the rest of the day is spent working and then playing outside. T goes for a run along the beach and is cut short by getting exhausted!

Today's big achievement is not only sorting out a deluge of files and workflow processes at T's office, but also a careful cleaning, vacuuming, and washing of Penelope. The local gas station provides an automated mechanical wash that really cleans her up. Now all the nicks and dings of city life are more apparent!

E captures more family time with AKK, YVK, and Ifok. A week before E arrived, Ifok proudly taught his dad something about the universe using his first sentence, "Giraffes eats trees!"


T gets busy with writing a follow-up letter to the premier. What fun!
For the first time in a long while, T cooks dinner for the family, an herbed-pea soup. A welcome tastiness for us.
A walk around downtown along Denman and the beach yields some amazing views...the left-hand view shows Kitsilano, the neighbourhood where our apartment is, as viewed from across English Bay. The Denman beach is at the cusp of the bay and to the right is the peninsula-ish outcropping that is tipped by Stanley Park.
T and E make a border run to fill up the USA bank account before bills are due. Despite our early arrival the entry into the USA, the lines are quite long. T has a "brilliant" idea; he jumps out of the car and crosses on foot. Its about 0.5 miles from the end of the line to the station; he waits in a 10-person line to get an orange slip of paper that allows him to walk out of Canada into the USA. Then its a 200-metre walk to the bank. He hot foots it back to the Canada-entry station and has to jump one concrete barrier to find his way to the proper pedestrian-crossing port. As he walks inside the building, one of the Canadian border patrol guards looks up and says, "You've been gone 41 minutes. What are you bringing back?" T is a bit shocked: how did they know when he left?! Were they watching him that closely? He replies that he is bringing back a bank receipt and nothing else. Without even glancing at his passport, they wave him through. With a short jog, T rejoins E and Penelope.

Next stop is Tomato Cafe to meet up with K and R. K met E back in WDC during some joint work for the planet; K actually hails from Canada and even BC proper; she now lives on the 'Island. Although we're 30 minutes late to the restaurant K laughs, "We know that T and E are always half-an-hour late to everything!" We have a delightful meal and then head out for a long walk. We head to Kits Beach and then follow False Creek and the seawall (a paved path stretching along the waterfront) for a good 6km. Its a beautiful sunny day and so pleasant that we actually shed our fleece jackets for a good hour or so. We grab some awesome gelato for a snack. K & R head out into their afternoon and we take a water taxi back up toward Granville Island. We pick up some cool stuff from Paper Ya, including a paper weekly calendar for E, and then walk home. Tasty!

Friends A and T from Walla Walla roll into town after a grueling border crossing of their own. We meet them at their downtown bed-and-breakfast and stroll around Denman for dinner. We have all-you-can-eat at Tanpopo, the Japanese word for dandelion. E is seated a bit too close to the kitchen for optimal olfactory comfort, but the food is pretty good. We trade stories about people, places, and the university lifestyle. They both teach at Whitman College and are having a blast.

K and E photographed in front of our apartment building!
We have a delicious dinner at Banana Leaf Cafe downtown with friends A and T. Its a Malaysian place with yummy seafood and a good special on local brews that go surprisingly well with the spicy flavours. (Note the spelling of that word!) Afterward, we grab a coffee and watch an artist photograph the sunset through a series of seaside creations. He's managed to stack rocks up in various cairns and as the tide oozes in, they get knocked down and submerged. The most amazing one is a series of stacked boulders topped with a 3-metre piece of driftwood from which he has suspended an additional three fist-sized rocks with fish line. As the water moves in and brushes the dangling rocks, the driftwood mobile arm slowly rotates. Wow!

And here's a picture of us together, having drunk too much dessert at Cafe Koko, a cute shop specializing in liquid chocolate served a dozen different ways...

T gets to meet the mayor of Vancouver, Sam Sullivan. A quadraplegic since age 19 after a ski accident, Mayor Sullivan is finishing up his first term as mayor of the city. Together with four other award-winning laboratories, T's office gathers at City Hall to meet the mayor, pose for photos, and attend a session of City Council where a procalamation is issued recognizing the great accomplishments of the University of British Columbia and its research enterprises. Cute!

E takes the ferry as a passenger for an event over at Victoria, her first to THE ISLAND. Although she doesn't meet Ewan Macgregor or Scarlett Johannson, she has a grand time. Sadly, no photos; take our word for it!


A day of multiple festivities at T's office. In the early afternoon, T's team attends special private ceremony at the UBC President's House to celebrate the recent $15-million awards won by 6 groups associated with the university. It is a bit of a UBC love fest, but the setting is striking and we get to hob knob with some peops from Ottawa.

Not entirely by plan, the poster T designed for his group's award-winnign spin-off company gets front billing. This photo shows the Suzanne Fortier, President of Canada's Natural Sciences and Engineering Council, holding forth great wisdom at the the event with our poster in the background. Afterward, the groups troop over to the Chan Centre for an even larger UBC love fest, this one celebrating all of research awards over the past year. Our organization is mentioned three times and our logo appears in the back of the program; case closed.

Step Four of the 12-step program T has designed for his organization is completed today. The Policy and Planning Advisory Committee prepares its final report and delivers it be webcast to the multitudes; the group even surprised themselves with what they were able to accomplish! T is pleased with their report as it provides a solid foundation from which to move forward. The committee comments that this meeting (3+15+4 = 23 hours of meeting within 40 hours) is the most intense process in which they've ever been involved.

E & T meet up for an afternoon in the cool but glorious afternoon; we search for a bank that will accept our rent check for the landlord. For some reason, overnight/nighttimne depositories are no longer in service--they're all bolted shut! *sigh*
We meet up with Friend W from the UK and find that our new favorite Indian restaurant is "closed for a private event." We wander down the street and visit Earl's where we have some tasty ribs. The waitstaff are awkwardly dressed; somehow on a Sunday morning for brunch, tight-fitting and very-short skirts just don't seem appropriate! Maybe for a night club? We finish the tasty meal and then watch "Juno" in the theatre. A great film! We leave happy and delighted to have shared in the international phenom. A trip to Staples rounds out the afternoon, and we learn that it is very difficult to find 0.5-mm retractable pens with slender cases! We find summott that works...before the rain starts.



With a four-day weekend on account of "Easter," we play around the city. A morning walk in the neighbourhoood reveals tasty croissants and some amazing cherry trees just blooming. Yes, we checked out the price of the condo for sale in the photo. Only $2.29M! Does it matter if its US or Canadian, we ask? Hahah.

We pass our local "amazing" tree, this one with branches and needles/leaves/petals that appear to be gigantic green pinecones. WOW.
Despite a morning filled with errands, we strike out shortly after lunch for a trip "oustide the city." We head across the Lion's Gate Bridge and arrive in North Vancouver. We head out west and take the scenic route up to Cypress Bowl Ski Provincial Park. Awesome views! And 10-feet of perfect snow with lots of outdoor fun. We elbow through the crowds and watch the fun for a bit (we didna bring any gear!). Then we skid down the hill side to Horseshoe Bay where we watch the ferries ease in and out of the harbour. Wow, idyllic!

The left photo looks southwest across English Bay from the slopes of Cypress Mountain. The far shore is Kitsilano, where our little apartment building is nestled. The right photo shows the view from one of the ski areas across the ravine to the true downhill area.

Charming Horseshoe Bay, seeming just like a Nordic fjord. Tall mountains rising in the background with snow caps and the large car ferry down front. The tugboat-propeller fountain shows the steep incline of the blades--an indication of the power applies to the water with their massive engines. The photo on the right shows the underside of the one of the docks from roughly water level. The high-water mark of the tide is visible along with the barnacles and other life. Spooky down there!

Happy Easter! We have a deliciously indulgent meal with Shirley & Gordon at their place out in Port Coquitlam. Although it is raining in Kitsilano when we pick up NSL and head out, it is sunny and bright when we get to the 'burbs. We meet Jason, Kate, and Herb/Burt, and have a tremendously fabulous time. Cornish game hens, salad with homemade vinaigrette, steamed veggies, sauteed asparagus, baked salmon, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, and then awesome fruit & custard pies. We hobble around afterward and drink coffee and debate the future of the world. NSL tries to convinced us that he has decreased his carbon footprint as much as possible. Eventually, we talk shop, and then grow tired and return home.
It takes us a full 24 hours to recover from the massively tasty meal of last night. T installs USB/WIA driver software on Violetta and the photos from the camera are at last liberated. Welcome to the website!

Vancouver is civilized! We capture some just-blooming pink azaleas on film.

We are the beneficiaries of a superb visitor! MomM flies into YVR on the 11pm flight and emerges from customs and immigration without mishap. T retrieves her and we travel home with Penbelope.
After a long day's work, T, E, and MomM collect together and head over to MM Tax Accountants. Erin and Dan are superb; we deposit a zillion pieces of paperwork and they assure us that they can have our U.S. and Canadian taxes filed on time and with integrity. We feel confident in their skills and quite relieved. We have a bit more work to do to give them everything that's needed.

E has several phone calls so we head over to Provence Mediterranean Grill in West Point Grey for dinner. We have an excellent meal! Not only do we get seated immediately when we arrive because annother coupel relinquishes their large table and get reseated at a smaller one, but we go with the tasting menu and feast ourselves. WOW, incredible food. MomM is happy to be away from snow and ice, and T is delighted ot be away from the office. After a superb dessert, we sloth home, sated.
MomM attends her first day of the LMK Forum. Realtively without incident. E attends her evening session of the ILP program and T gets some work down around the house. It's Friday, and awesome! After T retrieve MomM, we talk about rackets, strong suits, and inauthenticities. T's racket of "let's make them wrong so I don't have to responsible or accountable for anything they say" is discussed.
Saturday dawns clear and bright. T is up early to escort MomM to a Catholic mass downtown before her second day of the LMK Forum. The service is short and sweet and then MomM disappears into the vast building. T returns home, stopping by Cafe Viva to retrieve a samply muffine for E. Tasty! The weather turns completely weird and wacky. From clear sunlight to snow, ice, hail, rain, sleet, more snow, freezing rain, and more. WOW. By the time we wrap up some errands around the house, its 4pm. Cousin Nayr and gf Assenav are happily arrived in Vancouver. We invite them over. We chat about life in the Great White North, and then decide to seek dinner at a restaurn recommended by T's boss -- Spice Islands. It is specifically Malaysian which seems to be like Indian curries but with more ginger and less variety. We enjoy the meal but we're not convinced that we'll be back too soon. At home, we gather around some tea and cookies to play another round of "Quiddler," a card game similar to Scrabble. Nayr beats the pants off the rest of us, althouhg Assenav comes in second as well. T's early lead is chewed away and he brings up the rear. Great game!

This photo attempts to capture the weird weather!
We wake up to glorious sunlight after the confusing Saturday of weather. Together with Penelope, we meet up with Friend Wayne and go for a delightful stroll in the woods of Pacific Spirit Regional Park. We start at the 16th Street entrance and head out on the Cleveland/Salish trail and end up descending down to the English Bay beach. The forest is truly amazing with the trees changing dramatically from tall, narrow aspen to more rainforet and evergreen as we descend. The snow is melting and the air chilly, but the clear air and bright sun warm us. As we round the loop and head back toward the main entrance, we encounter significant mud and puddles as everything melts. Striking! We split some bagels for brunch and then return home. E gears up for some work and T heads off to Victoria with his boss.

The ferry ride is simply spectacular! This photo does nothing to capture the insane majesty of crossing the Georgia Strait in full sunlight with the winds of freedom nipping at our cheeks. We arrive and after a bit of a scuffle to recall where we parked the car, head downton to Fairmont Empress hotel. We have special accommodations on account of the number of conferences we run out of this hotel...the rooms are grand and the views over the small downtown Victoria harbour are to die for. T snaps the lower photo out the the window of his hotel room. Magnificent! T and his boss have a specatular meal at Niche Restaurant, just a few brief steps around the corner. A small house converted to a quiet, elite, comfortable dining area. Yum, yum, yum! T crashes to sleep afterward.

T and his boss conduct business in Victoria with the Minister of Advanced Ecucation. The boss is on fire and the meeting is amazing. Afterward, we conduct the all-important hallway conversation and then set out to retuen to Vancouver. The ferry ride back is even better with warm air rolling onto the mainland.

T heads to the LMK Centre for his Monday evening seminar and meets up with MomM. Together, we attend the "LMF In Action" seminar and have a a great time!


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