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This site is perpetually under construction...please pardon our dust.

We're reflecting on our recent (and lifelong) journeys. Between us we've lived in nearly a quarter of the states in the USA - growing up, going to school or working long-term in CA, DC, IL, MD, MI, MN, NY, NJ and VA. In sum we've had more than 30 domestic U.S. residential addresses and now 3 international, counting our student exchanges in Japan and Germany. Yikes! Of course we've visited or traveled through many other states and a few countries along the way as well; visiting and spending time in Brazil, Canada, France, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Japan, Slovenia, and Switzerland.

So we thought we'd try something different and see what's on the other side of the northern border. Just for a bit.


    What's NEW?
    A few recent additions and updates we'd like to highlight:

  • Vancouver 'Blournal' or "Journog" (?) - our blog-o-journal and Photo-of-the-day ***UPDATED***

  • Check out photos from our recent trip
    to unbelievably gorgeous Acadia, ME! with T's journal***

  • Tips and travails on moving from the US to Canada - still in progress
    (N.B. Add marriage license to the documentation stack!)

  • A limited selection of digital photos from past trips to Homeland, IL.
    (Most are still print-copy only.)

  • Images from the Empire Builder train ride from IL to WA. - train photography was both easier and more challenging than we thought; motion yields some nice photo effects...

    Coming Soon... (or so we dream, eh?)
  • Picturing Springtime in DC

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